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10:32 <Loqi> [[Main Page]] ! http://locationcommons.org/index.php?diff=10&oldid=7&rcid=10 * * (+113) mission statement
10:35 <aaronpk> locationcommons needs a cute logo :P
10:37 <@donpdonp> @sashamace recent mobile focus is continuous location tracking at icecondor/geoloqi/locationcommons.org
10:39 <donpdonp> aaronpk: for realz.
10:40 <aaronpk> or something more abstract like http://federatedsocialweb.net/wiki/Main_Page
10:44 <aaronpk> whoa
10:44 <aaronpk> an abstraction of ladd's addition
10:49 <donpdonp> its a sign! from another world! encoded in the blocks of ladd's addition
10:54 <aaronpk> doesn't really say much about location sharing, but it could work
10:55 <donpdonp> oh as a logo.
10:55 <aaronpk> yea i made that in like 10 seconds
10:56 <aaronpk> here it is with a little shading http://snip.aaron.pk/2010-08-02_1056.png
10:57 <donpdonp> my first impression is 'circuit-board'
10:58 <donpdonp> or 'crop-circle'
10:58 <aaronpk> would a giant map pin be too tacky?
10:59 <donpdonp> i see the goog map pin everywhere
10:59 <aaronpk> might be overused at this point?
10:59 <donpdonp> i think so
11:00 <donpdonp> concept words: 'location' 'open' 'federation' 'place' 'information' 'digital'
11:00 <donpdonp> anything that evokes one or more of those words (or others) would be neat
11:01 <donpdonp> not sure what that is though
11:01 <donpdonp> ha. you're quick with the flickr :)
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11:11 <aaronpk> it's super quick to post screenshots from Jing
11:15 <workshop> new mexico state flag
11:15 <aaronpk> haha nice
11:15 <Loqi> rofl
11:31 <workshop> trippy
11:32 <workshop> you use kai's powertools on that?
11:32 <workshop> in case i'm showing my age: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kai's_Power_Tools
11:35 <aaronpk> oh man i remember that
11:36 <aaronpk> no this was just basic photoshop filters
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11:56 <faddah> whuddup, mah Loqi brutha!
11:56 <Loqi> dude
11:56 <faddah> dood!@
11:57 <faddah> so how ya feelin' today, Loqi?
11:58 <faddah> oooooh, dissed by Loqi.
11:58 <aaronpk> heh, loqi doesn't like being talked to. he just sorta sits there quietly and makes snide remarks occasionally
12:04 <faddah> hmm, not quite "eliza" or "meliza," eh?
12:04 <faddah> more of a millennial kid in the back of a coffee shop with a sneer on its face behind a lap top — i get it.
12:16 <tjgillies> hey i represent that comment
12:23 <donpdonp> donpdonp hits a rimshot
12:24 <donpdonp> time for some 5th ave cart food
12:41 <faddah> where are you right now, donpdonp?
12:50 <faddah> faddah yearns for his donpdonp buddy
13:57 <aaronpk> donpdonp: did you see Blaine's epic diagram of crypto-less private feed following?
13:57 <donpdonp> aaronpk: i saw the email title, reading now
13:58 <donpdonp> nice chart
13:59 <aaronpk> for geoloqi, the "Allow me@alice.com to subscribe to your updates" section would be where Bob gets to choose which "Layers" of data alice gets to see
14:19 <donpdonp> find link with rel='microblog' would be rel="http://locationcommons.org/blah'
14:19 <aaronpk> yea
14:19 <donpdonp> this output look familiar, do you know the tool that created it?
14:20 <donpdonp> s/it/the chart/
14:20 <aaronpk> hm, no. some UML tool?
14:20 <aaronpk> PlantUML?
14:21 <donpdonp> heh if thats not it, its a good guess :)
14:21 <aaronpk> that's totally it
14:21 <aaronpk> Blaine also sent an email to the OAuth-WG list where he mentioned PlantUML
14:21 <donpdonp> ok cool
14:44 <donpdonp> brainsilo livecam
14:58 <faddah> dumpster cam
15:40 <Loqi> 1 files modified in http://github.com/geoloqi/playground/commits/master by Don Park
16:07 <tjgillies> besides the REM that has to be the most boring stream ever ;)
16:31 <faddah> thanx for doing that, Loqi
17:08 <tjgillies> hey
17:08 <tjgillies> this is a portland guy
17:08 <tjgillies> geofencing app
17:11 <reidab> interesting
17:14 <tjgillies> downloading now
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17:33 <donpdonp> Tim Sears is @u2elan
17:34 <donpdonp> also http://elan3.com/
17:44 <tjgillies> donpdonp, you know him?
17:51 <donpdonp> tjgillies: nope but id lik to meet him
17:51 <tjgillies> reidab, who goes to NoCoNi?
17:51 <tjgillies> er
17:51 <tjgillies> NoPoCoNi
17:51 <donpdonp> tjgillies: yes.he's here now
17:51 <reidab> tjgillies: donpdonp an I are here now
17:51 <tjgillies> oh
17:51 <donpdonp> aaron&amber are on SE 39th
17:52 <donpdonp> they must be en-route to nopoconi
17:52 <tjgillies> what am i doing here?
17:52 <donpdonp> good question
17:52 <tjgillies> heh i love that i don't even have to get off my street to get there
17:53 <tjgillies> you gusy heard about jailbreakme.com?
17:54 <donpdonp> yes
17:55 <tjgillies> ok im leaving for the lab
17:55 <tjgillies> i'll start my loqiserver so you can track me ;)
17:56 <donpdonp> great
18:02 <@u2elan> @incanus77 Ahh I read about Geoloqi not too long ago. I will take a closer look!
18:02 <tjgillies> loqi, yay!
18:02 <Loqi> Loqi giggles
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18:12 <tyler-iphone> iPhone irc ftw
18:16 <donpdonp> ha
18:21 <tyler-iphone> I need to invest in a bike
18:21 <workshop> yeah, good stuff. fyi incanus77 == me
18:21 <workshop> :-)
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19:07 <tjgillies> is there a pdx hacker room?
19:09 <donpdonp> #pdxwebdev
19:10 <reidab> tjgillies: PDX nerd rooms: #dorkbotpdx, #pdxmobile, #pdxpython, #pdxfunc, #pdxpug, #pdx.rb, #pdxdjango, #osbridge, #calagator, #pdxwebdev, #brainsilo, #nopoconi, #pdxhackathon
20:23 <tjgillies> are you guys out of here?
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21:10 <tjgillies> we just renacted faddah's interaction in real life
21:10 <tjgillies> thats kinda creepy
21:10 <reidab> reidab gives Loqi sentiment
21:10 <Loqi> dude
21:10 <tjgillies> re-enacted
21:10 <reidab> reidab gives Loqi a heart
21:10 <Loqi> Loqi hearts the heart
21:10 <reidab> reidab gives Loqi zombie brains
21:10 <tjgillies> thats ironic
21:11 <aaronpk> aaronpk feeds loqi some zombie brains
21:11 <Loqi> Loqi noms the zombie brains
21:11 <aaronpk> yeah
21:52 <caseorganic> caseorganic gives Loqi a Reidab
21:52 <Loqi> Loqi laughs at the Reidab
21:52 <reidab> reidab gives Loqi a Loqi
21:52 <Loqi> Loqi eats the Loqi
21:52 <reidab> reidab gives Loqi a Loqi Loqi Loqi Loqi
21:52 <aaronpk> oh no
21:52 <Loqi> Loqi grabs the Loqi Loqi Loqi Loqi
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