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07:42 <@caseorganic> @rwwmike Thanks for signing up for @geoloqi!
07:42 <Loqi> you're welcome
07:57 <@geoloqi> Lots of signups in the last two days. Lots of E-mails too! Thanks everyone! Wasn't expecting it!
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09:21 <aaronpk> neat
09:22 <aaronpk> awesome, those are SVG circles
09:22 <aaronpk> so how do you suppose it's doing the clustering?
09:22 <donpdonp> gmaps supports clustering
09:23 <donpdonp> svg circles eh? thats a good lead on how to get a marker that is more complex than a png
09:23 <aaronpk> i bet it renders faster than a png too
09:24 <donpdonp> great OAUTH experience on that site
09:24 <donpdonp> footer links to Cartographer.js
09:24 <aaronpk> AWESOME
09:24 <donpdonp> it uses Raphaël
09:25 <Loqi> Stop shouting!
09:25 <donpdonp> HOLY MOLEY
09:25 <Loqi> STFU DONPDONP
09:25 <donpdonp> donpark.org/people needs that!
09:25 <aaronpk> do it!
09:26 <donpdonp> actually its the approach that is cool
09:26 <donpdonp> im looking for an infocard, not a pie chart :)
09:26 <donpdonp> Choropleth maps—sometimes known as heatmaps
09:26 <donpdonp> now i can sound more pretentious in the future
09:26 <aaronpk> :)
09:27 <caseorganic> Choropleth...pleaghhth
09:27 <caseorganic> What an intense word to say!
09:28 <aaronpk> I keep wanting to say chloropleth
09:28 <donpdonp> me too
09:29 <donpdonp> new and improved pool chemical
09:29 <donpdonp> chorizo
09:29 <aaronpk> i hadn't heard of the "choro" morpheme before
09:30 <aaronpk> (Greek χωρα + πληθαίν:, ("area/region" + "multiply")
09:30 <donpdonp> ha. nice.
09:31 <donpdonp> unicode ftw
09:32 <caseorganic> Try the new Chorizo near the pool filled with Chloropleth!
09:32 <caseorganic> Webpage title: Choropleth Density Map
09:33 <donpdonp> donpdonp claps
09:55 <aaronpk> I just joined the oauth mailing list. http://www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/oauth/current/maillist.html
10:01 <caseorganic> YEAH
10:01 <caseorganic> Reading that paper was awesome.
10:01 <caseorganic> I've been telling people about OAuth at work
10:01 <caseorganic> we're going to use it on the magical project I'm working on right now.
10:01 <aaronpk> awesome
10:02 <caseorganic> Because there's no mobile component, OAuth 2 will be okay to implement.
10:02 <aaronpk> IMO anyone using oauth2 right now should get on the mailing list
10:02 <caseorganic> I'll let them know
10:02 <aaronpk> because everything is going to be changing somewhat rapidly
10:02 <aaronpk> i.e. there are discussions on renaming query parameters
10:02 <caseorganic> because of mobile and other things
10:02 <caseorganic> yike
10:03 <aaronpk> they changed hyphens to underscores in the names of things between v9 and v10
10:03 <caseorganic> i want to write a children's book "baby's first query string parameter"
10:03 <aaronpk> :)
10:03 <caseorganic> yikes! why did they do that?
10:03 <aaronpk> not sure, I haven't found the mailing list discussion on that yet
10:03 <caseorganic> one should write a script that detects changes in OAuth and does afind and replace for everything that's changed.
10:03 <aaronpk> heh
10:03 <caseorganic> you just click a button and everything is updated.
10:25 <aaronpk> it would be nice if writing software were that easy, lol
10:49 <donpdonp> aaronpk: its a bit depressing that OAUTH2 is changing that much.
10:49 <aaronpk> not depressing -- exciting!
10:49 <donpdonp> i imagine - to _ breaks existing oauth2 libs
10:50 <aaronpk> good thing there are like 2 oauth libs right now
10:50 <donpdonp> some things i want to be boring
10:50 <aaronpk> but it means this is the time to influence how these protocols actually work
10:50 <donpdonp> donpdonp nods
10:51 <caseorganic> agreed! much excitement.
11:00 <@aaronpk> @Jamiem13 Thanks! Can you send me an email so we can coordinate? aaronpk at geoloqi dot com
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12:26 <Loqi> 1 files modified, 1 new files in http://github.com/geoloqi/playground/commits/master by Don Park
12:28 <donpdonp> cartographer.js is 1.3MegaBytes
12:28 <aaronpk> omg for real?
12:28 <donpdonp> 5,750 lines of javascript
12:28 <donpdonp> (unminified version)
12:28 <aaronpk> that's insane
12:30 <donpdonp> Shape.prototype = cg.extend( GOverlay );
12:30 <aaronpk> oh no
12:30 <donpdonp> cartographer extends the goog class. javascript OO in action.
12:30 <aaronpk> but that's google maps api v2
12:30 <aaronpk> not v3
12:30 <donpdonp> true
12:30 <aaronpk> v2 is officially deprecated at this point
12:31 <donpdonp> the same technique can probbaly be applied to v3
12:31 <aaronpk> yea, just a loooot of refactoring
12:31 <donpdonp> oh lord yeah, im not using cartographer in any way
12:31 <donpdonp> im leaching its design secrets
12:31 <aaronpk> ah good
12:33 <donpdonp> ha, i see samkeen is at the urban grind
12:33 <donpdonp> and i didnt need a 'checkin' to learn that
12:34 <donpdonp> well i guess its always checking in.
12:35 <donpdonp> oh geez. goog practically lays out the red carpet, i just have to read
12:36 <donpdonp> OverlayView class "You can implement this class if you want to display custom types of overlay objects on the map. "
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13:56 <Schuyler> caseorganic: rumor has it you are in the Bay Area
13:56 <caseorganic> yes
13:56 <caseorganic> i am in pt richmond
13:57 <caseorganic> for work
13:57 <caseorganic> so no ability to explore
14:03 <caseorganic> i'll let you know the next time i'm out here!
15:12 <aaronpk> huh...apple is filing a bunch of patents for location aware apps http://www.unwiredview.com/2010/07/30/apple-starts-patenting-mobile-app-ideas/
15:22 <Schuyler> how do I sign up for a geoloqi account?
15:22 <Schuyler> I put my email address into the homepage and then... nothing?
15:22 <caseorganic> It's not ready yet
15:23 <caseorganic> they started filing those 18 months ago
15:23 <Schuyler> so...
15:24 <aaronpk> we've got a list of everyone who's given us their email in that box, we'll contact everyone when we're ready for a public beta
15:24 <caseorganic> What kind of phone do you have?
15:24 <Schuyler> donpdonp: if you're looking for SVG mapping, you might check out http://github.com/simplegeo/polymaps
15:24 <Schuyler> I'm pretty sure it's < 1 MB :-)
15:25 <caseorganic> Also - if you have an iphone dev account, you can simply grab the code from github
15:25 <Schuyler> caseorganic: I'm using a BlackBerry, fwiw.
15:26 <Schuyler> Although perhaps this is an excuse to get an Android phone.
15:26 <Schuyler> caseorganic: don't I need an account to use the API?
15:26 <caseorganic> Ah! Ok. We haven't been able to find a developer for blackberry to help us with blackberry for geoloqi yet
15:26 <caseorganic> we're really interested in it though
15:31 <donpdonp> Schuyler: thx, just want a fancier marker on a gmap than an image
15:32 <donpdonp> woo, think i made a breakthrough on that
15:35 <Schuyler> *blink*
15:35 <Schuyler> I think what I was asking was "how do I get involved?"
15:35 <Schuyler> assuming I'm not a BB developer
15:35 <aaronpk> php developer?
15:36 <aaronpk> javascript/html/wordpress?
15:36 <Schuyler> hmm. I can do those things, but they make my inner baby Jesus cry.
15:37 <Schuyler> I was thinking more along the lines of trying out the API, even if I don't have a functioning mobile client.
15:37 <aaronpk> ah yea!
15:38 <aaronpk> I've been building out the API methods over the last couple days, I should be able to finish enough this weekend so that it's somewhat functional!
15:38 <caseorganic> yeah! it would be great if you tried out the api! :)
15:38 <Schuyler> ok :-) I can wait
15:39 <Schuyler> how'd you make the choropleth of Boston census data?
15:39 <caseorganic> I didn't - it's from an image from wikipedia
15:40 <caseorganic> i suppose i'll be able to with the computer i'm building tonight
15:40 <aaronpk> Schuyler: are you familiar with OAuth 2 at all?
15:40 <caseorganic> tableau software is pretty good with choropleths!
15:42 <aaronpk> the OAuth 2 spec is worth a read: http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-oauth-v2-10
15:42 <workshop> aaronpk: saw this interesting article recently too: http://techcrunch.com/2010/07/29/apple-location/
15:42 <workshop> techcrunch blech
15:44 <Schuyler> aaronpk: yeah, we're developing the OAuth 2 python client
15:44 <aaronpk> oh excellent!
15:45 <aaronpk> we're using oauth2 for the API
15:45 <Schuyler> sensible
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16:32 <tyler-bounce> anyone wanna give marshall a quote for their thoughts on gowalla getting a check in api resource (finally?)
16:33 <aaronpk> oh nice
16:33 <aaronpk> now I can an auto-checkin to gowalla from geoloqi!
16:33 <tyler-bounce> is that your quote? ;)
16:34 <aaronpk> well
16:35 workshop joined #geoloqi
16:37 <aaronpk> federated location sharing!
16:37 <tyler-bounce> is that your quote? ;)
16:37 <aaronpk> it makes more sense for everyone to play together nicely instead of trying to dominate the market facebook-style
16:38 <aaronpk> and having a checkin api supports that idea
16:39 <tyler-bounce> ok
16:39 <caseorganic> i like that quote
16:39 <aaronpk> *whew*
16:39 <tyler-bounce> me too
16:40 <tyler-bounce> caseorganic, you got one amber? ;)
16:46 <caseorganic> i'm bad with quotes
16:46 <caseorganic> give me a moment
16:47 <caseorganic> It's great that Gowalla is getting a check-in API resource. Makes it easier for...
16:47 <caseorganic> you know - i think aaron summed it up
16:47 <caseorganic> More open is better.
16:48 <caseorganic> But it took a while to get there.
16:48 <tyler-bounce> ok cool
16:48 <caseorganic> Taking a while to make an API reduces the opportunity for developers to play with content and make cool mash-up apps.
16:48 <caseorganic> H
16:49 <caseorganic> hopefully we'll see some interesting gowalla apps now!
16:49 <tyler-bounce> ok i 'll use that one
16:49 <caseorganic> http://www.businessinsider.com/foursquare-api-gowalla-2010-7 this article "Has Foursquare's Early API Launch Helped It Outpace Gowalla?"
17:40 <Schuyler> yeah, I think that goes without saying
21:52 <Loqi> 1 files modified in http://github.com/geoloqi/playground/commits/master by Don Park
22:04 <donpdonp> the people page is about to get awsomer
22:06 <aaronpk> oh?
22:10 <donpdonp> the image-only google markers are gone
22:11 <donpdonp> the overlay was a success in that the marker is now a general div
22:11 <donpdonp> the photo can have extra info along side
22:15 <aaronpk> oh awesome
22:42 <donpdonp> after all this time i still dont freaking understand html layout
22:43 <Loqi> 1 files modified, 1 new files in http://github.com/geoloqi/playground/commits/master by Don Park
22:44 <donpdonp> im glad the layout worked. the visual win will take more work.
22:45 <donpdonp> its got tiny little black arrows underneath the profile images
22:45 <donpdonp> (donpark.org dns switched 15 mins ago, may still be stale)
22:49 <aaronpk> hey neat
23:15 <@TweetDeckTV> @geoloqi Instead of layers, call them planes.