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05:40 <GeoJS> hello there
05:41 <tyler_> using SSL signature to verify public key of udp packet
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05:48 <GeoJS> tylersent 'hello there' using signature: 34d5c57b6e91ead1c752a60115f1bc8182c5f25de9f205ba40e4775547e446322772429539abfd76f87480b8cde994366c197c3424386a09ac7f6925194f38b5e25bbbb517efe9315bc35f3a7d7ed155c6fe7b4499b0355e071ef6335e51707606483949705d0e991e8c521088adb463df57bfa9d42ca9f87e29863bedcbfb91
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13:34 <@aaronpk> @incanus77 If only the FedEx guy was using @geoloqi so you could see how far away he was so you'd know if you had time to take a shower!
13:59 <donpdonp> http://rital.in/keys/tyler-public.pem DNS lookup failure for: nostat.us:2424keys
13:59 <donpdonp> nice domain name
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20:49 <jtbandes> Hey yall, what's up with the iPhone app? haven't worked on it in a while, are there any particular features we're planning/prioritizing/making?
20:57 <caseorganic> There are.
20:57 <caseorganic> Checking out the latest build right now
21:01 <aaronpk> incanus was working on the geonote flow, and there are some issues with the line drawing code
21:02 <aaronpk> it seems to stop drawing a line after a while, don't know the exact conditions under which it stops
21:03 <caseorganic> i'
21:03 <caseorganic> i've been testing it -
21:03 <caseorganic> it draws a line in real time
21:03 <caseorganic> up to 1000 points 0
21:03 <caseorganic> then it stops after that, i think
21:03 <caseorganic> and it shows that line as solid
21:03 <caseorganic> and location as a blue dot
21:03 <caseorganic> other than that, it works incredibly well
21:04 <caseorganic> do you have this issue as well when riding a bike?
21:04 <caseorganic> if you leave geoloqi running, do you have it stop after a while (the line drawing?)
21:05 <caseorganic> the other important thing is to have an app that runs on 3gs with os3
21:05 <caseorganic> and 3
21:05 <caseorganic> that gracefully degrades
21:06 <caseorganic> aaron's next steps are to get the server running so you and justin can build against it
21:06 <aaronpk> I need to get the API endpoint set up for creating a new user account
21:07 <aaronpk> there will be some work to do in the UI to handle new accounts and logging in to existing accounts. we're going to sketch those out tonight and tomorrow morning
21:19 <Loqi> [[Loqi]] N http://dev.geoloqi.com/index.php?oldid=221&rcid=224 * Caseorganic * (+665) Created page with '===Loqisaur=== [http://www.twitter.com/loqisaur Loqisaur] is Geoloqi's mascot. He is a small blue dinosaur with five yellow spikes on his back. He is generally hungry, and pron…'
21:28 <jtbandes> caseorganic: I hadn't been watching it closely. it's mostly from Apple sample code, so I'll have to look into it
21:28 <jtbandes> Though I thought it worked for the whole bike ride.
21:28 <caseorganic> Ah! interesting.
21:28 <caseorganic> Curious.
21:28 <caseorganic> I'll test it again on the new build.
21:29 <caseorganic> Also will let you know if I find any instances where one factor is causing it
21:29 <caseorganic> Making the app gracefully degrade is really important though.
21:29 <jtbandes> yeah, we'll have to do that too
21:29 <caseorganic> A lot of people want to use geoloqi without having to get os4 or iphone4.
21:30 <caseorganic> it's so exciting to watch the line draw
21:30 <caseorganic> i love it.
21:30 <jtbandes> :D
21:30 <caseorganic> the maps are getting pretty great too, over time -- the build up of data points! makes for really high res stuff!
21:30 <jtbandes> Yep!
21:30 <jtbandes> need an easy way to export someone's data (besides manual server calls)
21:30 <aaronpk> yep, from the web interface
21:30 <jtbandes> unless there is and I haven't noticed yet :P
21:31 <aaronpk> going to make an interface for choosing date range, time range, and boundaries
21:31 <Loqi> [[Special:Log/upload]] upload * Caseorganic * uploaded "[[File:loqisaur-nom-1.jpg]]"
21:31 <jtbandes> zomg, new episode of The IT Crowd is out >:D
21:31 <Loqi> [[Special:Log/upload]] upload * Caseorganic * uploaded "[[File:loqisaur-nom-2.jpg]]"
21:31 <Loqi> [[Special:Log/upload]] upload * Caseorganic * uploaded "[[File:loqisaur-nom-3.jpg]]"
21:31 <Loqi> [[Special:Log/upload]] upload * Caseorganic * uploaded "[[File:loqisaur-nom-4.jpg]]"
21:31 <Loqi> [[Special:Log/upload]] upload * Caseorganic * uploaded "[[File:loqisaur-nom-5.jpg]]"
21:32 <Loqi> [[File:loqisaur.png]] http://dev.geoloqi.com/index.php?diff=227&oldid=220&rcid=230 * Caseorganic * (+530)
21:32 <jtbandes> jtbandes downloads because channels are too dumb to let US viewers see it
21:32 <Loqi> [[File:loqisaur.png]] http://dev.geoloqi.com/index.php?diff=228&oldid=227&rcid=231 * Caseorganic * (+62)
21:34 <caseorganic> ne ep of IT Crwod? awesome!!
21:34 <caseorganic> Woah. Horrible spelling. New episode of IT Crowd! That's awesome.
21:34 <jtbandes> best show evar
21:35 <jtbandes> Season 4 is going on right now, so there are new episodes on Fridays
21:35 <jtbandes> One more left this season, I think.
21:37 <caseorganic> Pretty good stuff.
21:37 <caseorganic> It's hard for shows to stay good after season four
21:37 <caseorganic> think they can do it?
21:37 <jtbandes> Linehan is briliant
21:37 <jtbandes> Season 4 episodes 2 & 4 were some of the show's best :D
21:40 <@geoloqi> Guess what? @loqisaur has his own page on the @geoloqi developer's wiki! http://loqi.me/1LA !Check out awesome drawings by @mpanighetti!
21:40 <caseorganic> I will have to see those...
21:40 <caseorganic> I might have
21:41 <caseorganic> what was the episode with the fake wheelchair and the opera?
21:41 <caseorganic> that was intense!!
21:41 <jtbandes> that was another fantastic one
21:41 <jtbandes> dont' remember the name, hang on
21:41 <caseorganic> yeah!
21:41 <caseorganic> my favorite
21:42 <jtbandes> season 2 episode 1, looks like
21:42 <jtbandes> The Work Outing
21:42 <caseorganic> Nice.
21:42 <caseorganic> perfect name forit
21:43 <jtbandes> Love that episode. "I thought it might work because you looked a bit like a man!"
21:45 <jtbandes> "where's your wheelchair?" "...they stole it" "but how did they get in?" ".........I don't know! :'("
21:48 <jtbandes> Great quotes in s04e04 though. "Flip! It's an iPhone!"
21:50 <@tedder42> wow. @zillow neighborhood boundary shapefiles are creative-commons licensed (by-sa 3.0). http://bit.ly/hXWc3 (via @geoloqi)
22:04 <jtbandes> "What kind of operating system does it use?" "Vista!" "WE'RE GOING TO DIE." LOLOL
22:05 <caseorganic> haha!!
22:05 <Loqi> nice
22:05 <caseorganic> I like the one where they trick her into the Internet in a box.
22:06 <jtbandes> Ahahaha, that is also a fantastic episode.
22:06 <jtbandes> "What? I don't have any problem that you're from Iran." "No... I used to be a man." "You used.. to be... a man. oh god."
22:08 <jtbandes> "oh, it's so light!" "hah, silly Jen, the Internet doesn't weight anything!" "ohahahah, of course not!"
22:10 <caseorganic> Haha!!!
22:10 <caseorganic> I really want to pull that prank on someone
22:13 <jtbandes> "we have special permission from the elders of the internet themselves." "waaaaiitt a minute.... the elders of the internet? the elders.. of the internet.. KNOW WHO I AM?!?!"
23:03 <caseorganic> YES.
23:03 <caseorganic> okay - going to sleep
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23:27 <@mpanighetti> RT @geoloqi: Guess what? @loqisaur has his own page on the @geoloqi developer's wiki! http://loqi.me/1LA !Check out awesome drawings by @mpanighetti!
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