04:21 <GeoJS> i like bits and bytes
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04:26 <GeoJS> yay im now registered with nickserv!
04:26 <Loqi> Loqi does a happy dance!
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04:33 <GeoJS> i haven't been liking udp messages
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04:33 <GeoJS> foo
04:39 GeoJS joined #geoloqi
04:39 <GeoJS> woo
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04:57 <GeoJS> [A
05:13 <GeoJS> i woke up too early this morning
05:13 <Loqi> good morning!
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05:14 <GeoJS> morning loqi
05:14 <Loqi> Loqi grins profusely
05:54 <tjgillies> its hard to tell whats scripted, and whats aaron messing around
06:32 <aaronpk> i can't make loqi talk, that's all him doing it on his own
06:32 <Loqi> buttwipe
06:34 <aaronpk> see?
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09:16 <tjgillies> o'reilly talked about foodcarts, donpdonp is on the mark ;)
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09:33 <GeoJS> om nom nom
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11:46 <GeoJS> [31mtesting ansi color codes
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12:48 <tjgillies> reidab, are you on rackspace?
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14:25 <@zeepickle> Stumbled upon the geo.ly URL shortener for sharing locations on a map. Very easy to use. @GEOpdx @geoloqi @caseorganic @aaronpk
14:28 <reidab> tjgillies: the bouncer that's connected to the server is, if that's what you mean
14:29 <tyler-bounce> reidab, yeah i downloaded it and installed it since i asked you ;)
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22:01 <@anothercasebot> Posted a photo: Jogging Trail (with @geoloqi on Android) http://caseorganic.com/1Kx [Flickr]
22:07 <@casebot> Caseorganic published a photo: Jogging Trail (with @geoloqi on Android): caseorganic posted a photo: geoloqi.com http://bit.ly/bpR7HC
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