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08:31 <aaronpk> donpdonp: I've managed to convince Eclipse not to give me the weird Dalvik error
08:31 <aaronpk> but now it complains about some of the properties of R not being available. How can I force it to regenerate the R.java file?
08:33 <aaronpk> I tried deleting it and it puts it back really quick, but it's missing things like R.id and R.layout.preferences
08:41 <aaronpk> oh!
08:41 <aaronpk> got it!
08:41 <aaronpk> wow, it's actually running! :)
08:42 <aaronpk> except it crashes as soon as I press "start tracking"
08:42 <aaronpk> lol
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10:13 <@mpanighetti> @loqisaur Glad you like it! Hope that sustains you for now. ^__^
13:08 <@loqisaur> Is hungry again.
13:32 <jtbandes> jtbandes feeds Loqi a .rar
13:36 <aaronpk> aaronpk gives Loqi a .rar file
13:36 <Loqi> Loqi hearts the .rar file
13:49 <@loqisaur> /me Noms on .rar file from @jtbandes. Nom Nom Nom.
13:53 <@myusic> Hey @geoloqi do you know about the Sprint Family Locator application? A paid service, but is similarto what you guys are working on.
13:56 <@geoloqi> @myusic Yes. It is similar! Unfortunately it promotes survelliance vs. privacy. With @geoloqi, one chooses to share data or not.
13:57 <@geoloqi> @myusic Also, I heard that it is quite inaccurate! The idea is a very good one, and I think it's quite useful for that demographic.
14:00 <@loqisaur> ROAR!!!
14:02 <@myusic> @geoloqi yea, it seems more likely to create animosity through distrust rather than community through interaction.
14:03 <@loqisaur> @myusic That's precisely it! Great way of putting it.
14:05 <@loqisaur> *rwar*
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19:12 <@mpanighetti> @geoloqi Digital bread crumbs!
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21:16 <@mpanighetti> @loqisaur Geotagged tweet for extra deliciousness.
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