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22:21 <@anothercasebot> Posted "Geoloqi and GPS Data Viz at RECESS Gallery – June 14, 2010" http://caseorganic.com/1Cs [Blog]
22:22 <@casebot> Amber Case was blogged about in: Hazelnut Tech Talk | Portland Internet Marketing and Events ...: Amber Case is a ... http://bit.ly/cRbfBU
22:31 <@anothercasebot> Posted a photo: Geoloqi and GPS Data Viz at RECESS Gallery – June 14, 2010 http://caseorganic.com/1Cu [Flickr]
22:41 <@caseorganic> Come see @Geoloqi and GPS Data Viz at RECESS Gallery in Portland on Wednesday June 14, 2010 http://caseorganic.com/1Cs
22:53 <@casebot> Caseorganic published a photo: Geoloqi and GPS Data Viz at RECESS Gallery – July 14, 2010: caseorganic posted a ph... http://bit.ly/aTvgih
22:55 <aaronpk> donpdonp: I don't want to leave the house until Geoloqi for Android is done.
23:20 <@caseorganic> @tronovision Thanks for signing up for @geoloqi! It's currently getting built - see http://caseorganic.com/1Cw
23:20 <Loqi> you're welcome
23:23 <@michaelowens> @caseorganic Speaking of @geoloqi ... Any chance I can beta test it, or is out in the app store and I just miss that?
23:23 <jtbandes> heh
23:23 <jtbandes> I wouldn't call it beta yet.
23:24 <aaronpk> The version on github is actually quite an improvement! We just put it on Amber's phone.
23:27 <jtbandes> Neat! though I don't think it has much of Justin's work, since he's either not using git or hasn't pushed yet
23:27 <Loqi> [[Mobile Device Control Panel]] http://dev.geoloqi.com/index.php?diff=204&oldid=189&rcid=207 * Caseorganic * (+686)
23:27 <aaronpk> yea I think he's still on the subversion branch
23:27 <jtbandes> It has his geonote stuff that was pushed from the original copy you gave me
23:28 <aaronpk> yea hopefully he can integrate that soon
23:59 <@caseorganic> Yeah! Just installed new version of @geoloqi on my iPhone! Works beautifully, thanks to @jtbandes and @incanus77! Now to experiment...