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10:08 <@caseorganic> New GPS Logs from @geoloqi! Weekend Trip to Eugene, Oregon http://flic.kr/p/8gjEHc and PDX from 6/28-7/6, 2010 http://flic.kr/p/8gnWB1
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14:55 <@caseorganic> @mpanighetti Awesome - can't wait until @geoloqi is available - you won't have to keep tweeting to geolocate! (I also used to do this).
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15:35 <@mpanighetti> @caseorganic Oh yes, exceedingly excited about @geoloqi. Maybe it will report better than twitter's summary of "California, US".
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18:58 <jtbandes> Hm, that's an interesting though, could/does geoloqi automatically tweet at certain intervals to keep your twitter location updated?
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19:14 <@caseorganic> @fightingmonk Nice! Very intense dev time. It will be curious to look and/consider if the effort is worth it to build an app for @geoloqi
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19:57 <Schuyler> Twitter has an API call to set your profile location
19:57 <Schuyler> which they will use for a tweet location if the tweet isn't intrinsically located
19:58 <Schuyler> Ɯbertwitter does this, I believe
21:32 <jtbandes> Geotagged tweets don't change your profile, I think