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15:55 <_aaronpk> awesome!!
15:56 <caseorganic> YEAH!!
15:56 <Loqi> chill out dude
15:56 <caseorganic> lol. that's brilliant!
15:56 <jtbandes> Does /points/200/since/0 give the last 200, or do I need /since/something else?
15:57 <_aaronpk> since 0 should give you the latest 200, if you know the timestamp, include it
15:57 <_aaronpk> actually you can leave off since/0
15:58 <@caseorganic> Working on @geoloqi with @aaronpk in one of the only open Coffee shops in Eugene, Oregon.
15:59 <Loqi> 11 files modified, 10 new files, 3 files removed in http://github.com/geoloqi/Geoloqi-iPhone/commits/master by jtbandes
16:01 <jtbandes> Time to go blow things up :D
16:01 <_aaronpk> awesome. have fun!
16:01 <jtbandes> or, to watch other people blow things up
16:28 <Schuyler> hallo
16:33 <_aaronpk> hello
16:34 <caseorganic> hey! how is it going?
16:34 <caseorganic> have a great time!
18:29 <_aaronpk> would be super convenient if codex.wordpress.org weren't offline
18:31 <_aaronpk> web.archive.org to the rescue!
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19:50 <caseorganic> Off to eat dinner.