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18:45 <jtbandes> jtbandes is wrestling with maps
19:01 <@anothercasebot> Posted a photo: I can haz Geoloqi stickurs! http://caseorganic.com/19x [Flickr]
19:01 <caseorganic> curious...
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19:02 <_aaronpk> wrestling with maps?
19:04 <jtbandes> i.e. trying to figure out how to make the polyline draw :P
19:05 <jtbandes> It has to be a custom subclass for mutability, so I tried to do some nice copy&paste on Apple's sample code, but I'm having issues
19:06 <_aaronpk> ah, darn
19:19 <jtbandes> what the fffff
19:20 <@casebot> Caseorganic published a photo: I can haz Geoloqi stickurs!: caseorganic posted a photo: geoloqi.com http://bit.ly/9mAkNh
19:31 <Loqi> [[Wordpress]] N http://dev.geoloqi.com/index.php?oldid=202&rcid=205 * Aaronpk * (+1371) Created page with 'We're considering using Wordpress as the backend of Geoloqi.com. Location updates would be handled outside of Wordpress, but the site itself (the profile and timeline pages) coul…'
19:34 <jtbandes> we have drawing!
19:35 <jtbandes> Flawed and probably buggy drawing
19:35 <jtbandes> But drawing.
19:35 <_aaronpk> yay!
19:35 <Loqi> :D
19:35 <_aaronpk> screenshot?
19:36 <jtbandes> You don't want one :)
19:36 <_aaronpk> haha
19:36 <Loqi> hahaha
19:36 <_aaronpk> for posterity
19:37 <jtbandes> Points are slightly randomized atm
19:37 <jtbandes> Just trying to make it draw :/
19:37 <_aaronpk> lol!
19:37 <_aaronpk> cool
19:38 <@aaronpk_sv> Fyllning mitt huvud med information om flera anläggningar Wordpress, DiSo, P2 tema och MySQL skalning. http://loqi.me/w/Wordpress # geoloqi
19:38 <_aaronpk> oh dear
19:38 <jtbandes> Hehe.
19:42 <jtbandes> Time to throw real data at this and watch it die
19:58 <jtbandes> An idea I had earlier: geotagged tweets are used to update geoloqi's location if it hasn't been turned on for a while
19:59 <_aaronpk> already done :)
19:59 <jtbandes> o rly
19:59 <_aaronpk> sorta
19:59 <_aaronpk> it's been working, but it's being moved over to the new code right now
19:59 <jtbandes> ah
20:00 <jtbandes> btw, slider mappings should be working. not on github yet, but I've got it locally
20:00 <_aaronpk> oh awesome
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20:12 <_aaronpk> gotta run! thanks!
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21:52 <donpdonp> the icecondor client is having a problem with froyo, so my tracking is wrong for now :(
21:52 <Loqi> go cut yourself
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