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06:43 <caseorganic> ping
06:43 <Loqi> pong
07:07 <aaronpk> SYN
07:07 <Loqi> ACK
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14:50 <@TechWraith> @marshallk That's one of the main reasons I'm looking forward to @geoloqi :) Location data I don't have to think about!
15:51 <@TechWraith> Heading over to @aaronpk's soon for a @geoloqi hack session. oAuth server here we come :)
15:59 <@maxticket> Gonna try to team up with the @geoloqi devs in the next few days and pump out the website. (@aaronpk, @caseorganic, available this weekend?)
16:21 <@maxticket> @TechWraith Cool, let's meet on Sunday, and work on Geoloqi and @whiffies and whatever else we can come up with.
16:24 <@aaronpk> @maxticket @TechWraith You guys should get on IRC: #geoloqi on freenode
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16:34 <techwraith> I haven't been in IRC since high school :)
16:34 <aaronpk> woo!
16:35 <techwraith> Anyone have any good suggestions for IRC clients for Ubuntu?
16:36 <aaronpk> i think pidgin is available
16:37 <techwraith> I tried with Empathy but it didn't want to connect to the room
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16:43 <techwraith> Alrighty, got empathy working :)
16:44 <aaronpk> cool
16:45 <aaronpk> so I just realized I have coffee brewing that's going to be done at 6, and someone is stopping by at 6:30 to drop off some video footage
16:46 <techwraith> Shall we move it up to 7ish?
16:47 <aaronpk> it might take a while to transfer the footage, it'll be like 20gb or so
16:48 <techwraith> Ah, so what do you suggest?
16:50 <aaronpk> well if we meet at my place we'll have more time. I could give you a ride from downtown on my way back from work
16:51 <techwraith> Sure, that'll work - what time would you like to pick me up?
16:53 <aaronpk> how much traffic is there getting in to NW this time of day?
16:53 <techwraith> Where are you coming from? If you avoid freeways you should be fine :)
16:54 <aaronpk> from hwy 99, or I can cross the sellwood bridge
16:57 <techwraith> hmm, I don't think there will be much traffic coming up 99, so I think crossing the broadway would probably be best, or really any on that'll take you downtown
16:57 <aaronpk> ok
16:57 <techwraith> Or I can take the bus :) either way it works for me
17:01 <aaronpk> actually it would save time to bus it, yea?
17:04 <techwraith> Yeah, I think so, what time do you expect to be home?
17:05 <aaronpk> i think 6
17:05 <techwraith> Alright
17:05 <techwraith> I'll head over there then
17:05 <techwraith> Mind texting me you address?
17:07 <aaronpk> will DM you, I don't actually have your phone number lol
17:08 <techwraith> Either way works, thanks :)
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19:46 <aaronpk> heyy maxticket
20:04 <maxticket> Yo, how's the party?
20:51 <aaronpk> bashing heads against walls
20:52 <aaronpk> encountering a strange infinite redirect loop
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21:05 <maxticket> Your place tomorrow, Aaron?
21:11 <aaronpk> yea, we'll be starting in the morning
21:12 <aaronpk> at like 9
21:13 <maxticket> Nice. I'll be there, I hope.
21:13 <maxticket> Gotta wake up early.
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