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08:40 <donpdonp> BLARGH
08:40 <Loqi> Stop shouting!
08:40 <donpdonp> botsnack
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14:24 <@jtbandes> @caseorganic Hey, now iOS 4 SDK is out, @geoloqi can go on github! I still have code needing sharing... and getting my new laptop today :)
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15:07 <donpdonp> Yea! github iPhone client
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18:59 <@loqisaur> Rar rar rar! (eats .rar files).
19:01 <@maxticket> On the upside, I have something that my @geoloqi tweeps are really going to want to know about. Thanks to having a captain for a dad.
19:03 <@geoloqi> @maxticket Do tell! Seafaring navigation?
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20:52 <maxticket> I just had a talk with my dad, who's a captain on a big Alaskan boat. He told me what they're doing with this:
20:52 <maxticket> This is AWESOME. It tracks where each boat has been, its status and speed for an entire year. So if there's a disupte about where you've been, what you've been doing or who's in the right during a collision, it's all right there.
20:53 <maxticket> And it's got open source APIs!
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21:22 <donpdonp> coolio
21:22 <donpdonp> no aaronpk/caseorganic at nopoconi
21:23 <aaronpk> i've been shopping with mah family for clothes for my sister's wedding
21:24 <aaronpk> and caseorganic was at the webtrends privacy thingy
23:01 <Zuke> hey, can I ask y'all a generic question abt geolocation? Your channel seemed to be the closest thing I could find that was somewhat related on freenode
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23:16 <maxticket> I'm not the one to ask here, Zuke, but everyone else here probably has more insight than I. They're just not always on here.
23:16 <maxticket> Oh, nevermind. Zuke went away.