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10:06 <Loqi> [[Get Involved]] M http://dev.geoloqi.com/index.php?diff=134&oldid=116&rcid=137 * Aaronpk * (+0)
10:32 <@geoloqi> In Portland? Come to Research Club today! 11Am-2p 215 SE Morrison #2020 http://caseorganic.com/16P @geoloqi will be presenting.
10:49 <@myusic> @geoloqi aww darn, wish I could be there, but I have to be at work. :(
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10:53 <@caseorganic> Heading out to @researchclub now. Then meeting w/ @andpoul + hopefully @incanus77, @maxticket, and/or @techwraith 2Pm for work on @geoloqi.
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11:26 <donpdonp> pedaling out to Tigard!
13:45 <aaronpk> cool!
14:03 <@geoloqi> Speech at @researchclub went great! Lots of great people there. Thanks @nimwunnan!
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15:42 <@geoloqi> Hack day with @aaronpk @caseorganic and @andpoul at Launchpad. Discussing phone-based account and device key creation.
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15:54 <caseorganic> Andrew! Hooray!
15:56 <@TechWraith> Kinda sad I couldn't make it to the @geoloqi hack day- I'll make it next time!
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16:13 <caseorganic> <3 Loqi.
16:13 <Loqi> Loqi hugs caseorganic
16:14 <caseorganic> caseorganic gives Loqi a sandwich.
16:14 <Loqi> Loqi jumps on the sandwich.
16:14 <caseorganic> Loqi, you destroyed the sandwich!
16:14 <caseorganic> Man...
16:15 <@geoloqi> @TechWraith Excited to see you next time!
16:15 <caseorganic> caseorganic gives Loqi a bicycle.
16:15 <Loqi> Loqi eats the bicycle.
16:15 <caseorganic> yikes!
16:15 <caseorganic> caseorganic gives Loqi as GPS location.
16:15 <Loqi> dude
16:16 <caseorganic> caseorganic gives Loqi a parsimmon.
16:16 <Loqi> Loqi eats the parsimmon.
16:16 <caseorganic> nomnomnomnom
16:16 <caseorganic> Loqi, say "nomnomnomnomnom".
16:35 <maxticket> gives Loqi a plate of table scraps from a vegan barbecue with lots and lots of sauce.
16:35 <Loqi> Loqi cuts the plate of table scraps from a vegan barbecue with lots and lots of sauce.
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17:39 <Loqi> [[Geoloqi Website]] ! http://dev.geoloqi.com/index.php?diff=135&oldid=133&rcid=138 * Maxticket * (+145)
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