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13:42 <_aaronpk> _aaronpk waves from his office
13:48 <donpdonp> bear and blog has been announced
13:48 <_aaronpk> aha!
13:49 <donpdonp> July 31st save the date
13:49 <_aaronpk> cool, on my calendar
13:49 <donpdonp> woo
13:49 <_aaronpk> didn't realize it was a public invite
13:50 <donpdonp> the more the merrier
14:21 <_aaronpk> woo
14:24 <_aaronpk> i'm having a real hard time deciding between an HTC Evo or a Palm Pre
14:25 <donpdonp> interesting
14:25 <donpdonp> Pre is total niche, nice platform. not sure if it has a future
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15:28 <aaronpk1> unfortunately the Evos are currently out of stock on sprint.com
22:41 <donpdonp> i spoke with @animateher at BnB. she is ready to give up her Pre for an EVO
22:43 <donpdonp> "White EVOs coming to Best Buy on July 11"
22:45 <donpdonp> "
22:45 <donpdonp> "Cellphones, Mobile Handsets, Mobile Software
22:45 <donpdonp> Palm confirms new devices, webOS upgrade"
22:46 <donpdonp> gah. partial paste misfire