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08:42 <donpdonp> lurk
08:42 <donpdonp> lurk
08:42 <donpdonp> lurk
08:53 <_aaronpk> lurk lurk
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12:58 <donpdonp> ↑↑↑↑ unicode irc
12:58 <_aaronpk> oh no
13:52 <donpdonp> just poked the 3DAR guys about the gyroscope
13:53 <donpdonp> realizing the limitation of an accelerometer
13:53 <donpdonp> if i twirl 360 degrees, there is acceleration at the start of the twirl and at the end.
13:53 <donpdonp> no info during the twirl.
13:54 <donpdonp> a gyroscope can pick that up
13:54 <_aaronpk> we were just talking about this with them the other day
13:55 <donpdonp> ah.
15:51 <_aaronpk> nice, from Twitter's status blog: Twitter is unavailable. Engineering and ops are responding.
20:18 <donpdonp> poor twitter.
21:53 <aaronpk> sad twitter is sad
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22:15 <donpdonp> want to take a walk to cartopia?
22:17 <donpdonp> donpdonp goes for a walk