00:41 <@pkbot> Posted a photo: Geoloqi running on a Palm Pixi! http://aaron.pk/14r [Flickr]
01:02 <@geoloqi> The Palm beta of Geoloqi is now logging data on a real device! http://aaron.pk/14s So far the GPS data is *extremely* precise!
01:03 <@aaronpk> RT @geoloqi: The Palm beta of Geoloqi is now logging data on a real device! http://aaron.pk/14s So far the GPS data is *extremely* precise!
03:39 <@maxticket> @skry @aaronpk I think next up is Geoloqi for Nokia NGage. Then GameBoy Advance, then Geoloqi: Flying DeLorean Edition. Then Android.
06:41 <@mdusing> RT @geoloqi: The Palm beta of Geoloqi is now logging data on a real device! http://aaron.pk/14s So far the GPS data is *extremely* precise!
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08:14 <Loqi> [[Brainstorming]] N http://dev.geoloqi.com/index.php?oldid=131&rcid=134 * Aaronpk * (+278) Created page with '== Geonotes == * Send a note to a predefined location like "Work" or "Home" ** This wouldn't necessarily drop a pin on the map (privacy issues) but users could leave a note that …'
08:48 <Loqi> [[Brainstorming]] http://dev.geoloqi.com/index.php?diff=132&oldid=131&rcid=135 * Aaronpk * (+137)
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11:07 <donpdonp> continuous location takes out a lot of the reason to install activetrack
14:31 <donpdonp> lurk.
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14:47 <_aaronpk> donpdonp: webfinger is working for aaron@parecki.com now!
14:49 <donpdonp> _aaronpk: woo!
14:49 <_aaronpk> i guess it was cached or something
14:49 <donpdonp> takes login form from "email: password: " to "email: "
14:52 <_aaronpk> ?
14:52 <_aaronpk> oh
14:52 <_aaronpk> yes
16:32 <@maxticket> Another day, another interview. Sigh. And now back to some Geoloqi work.
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16:38 <donpdonp> have you seen The Mask? (speaking of Loki)
16:42 <maxticket> The Jim Carrey flick?
16:45 <_aaronpk> i haven't
16:49 <maxticket> I assume you've got the new iOS 4 template? http://www.teehanlax.com/blog/2010/06/14/iphone-gui-psd-v4/
16:50 <_aaronpk> ooh haven't gotten that yet
17:04 <donpdonp> _aaronpk: do you like jim carrey flicks?
17:10 <donpdonp> he was at the end of his Pet Detective phase for The Mask
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19:14 <@mpanighetti> @caseorganic I keep meaning to go hybrid and dig into the iPhone SDK. Making good strides on @geoloqi?
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19:53 <Loqi> [[Geoloqi Website]] ! http://dev.geoloqi.com/index.php?diff=133&oldid=124&rcid=136 * Maxticket * (-8)
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20:27 <caseorganic> Back -- will give you that file momentarily, maxticket
20:42 <caseorganic> Done --
21:00 <maxticket> Thanks! Don't know if my DM went through, but I have received and am currently playing with it.
21:05 <caseorganic> DON PARK!
21:05 <caseorganic> HEY!
21:05 <Loqi> Loqi loves caps
21:05 <caseorganic> GLAD YOU DO
21:06 <Loqi> NO
21:06 <aaronpk_> oh no
21:06 <caseorganic> Hey Don, check your dropbox for a 64px by 64px logo for Android.
21:14 <donpdonp> HEY!
21:14 <donpdonp> checking
21:14 <donpdonp> my net connection is so bad, i cant load the dropbox page
21:15 <donpdonp> but now I know its there! :)
21:15 <aaronpk_> where are you?
21:15 <aaronpk_> oh wait
21:15 <aaronpk_> stupid question
21:15 <donpdonp> haha. its ok. im at home
21:15 <aaronpk_> lol
21:15 <Loqi> hehe
21:15 <donpdonp> har
21:18 <caseorganic> That's what it looks like
21:18 <donpdonp> my net connection can do IRC at the moment, and no more
21:18 <donpdonp> web pages just spin :(
21:18 <aaronpk_> ouch. why?
21:18 <caseorganic> yeah
21:18 <caseorganic> at home?
21:19 <donpdonp> yes
21:19 <caseorganic> should i send it to you in ascii?
21:19 <donpdonp> using neighbor's wifi
21:19 <donpdonp> ha. no thanks
21:19 <donpdonp> some day the new landlord will come in and turn on the internets again
21:19 <aaronpk_> oh sad
21:19 <donpdonp> which i thought was a short period of time so i didnt get my own internets
21:19 <aaronpk_> you should just tether to your android!
21:20 <donpdonp> yeah if i had 2.2
21:20 <donpdonp> but sometimes the wifi here works great.
21:20 <donpdonp> and sometimes not so much
21:21 <donpdonp> i fixed the icecondor 'mobile' page today http://tr.im/widpdp
21:21 <aaronpk_> woo. what was broken?
21:21 <caseorganic> Nice!
21:22 <donpdonp> the google maps key wasnt there. not sure how tht broke
21:22 <aaronpk_> ah you should just use v3 yo udon't need an api key!
21:22 <donpdonp> i got the layout of that flickr page loaded. woo!
21:22 <donpdonp> only took 3 minutes
21:22 <donpdonp> still waiting for the actual image :)
21:22 <donpdonp> oh i see it now
21:22 <donpdonp> rwar!!
21:23 <donpdonp> little dino
21:23 <donpdonp> i can has continuous location?
21:23 <donpdonp> aaronpk_: lol at the mini version.
21:24 <donpdonp> its interesting that goog droped the whole key thing
21:25 <aaronpk_> it is
21:25 <aaronpk_> it was probably causing more trouble than it was worth
21:32 <caseorganic> you got it now, right? 8k?
21:32 <donpdonp> the little guy is not oriented for lift-off anymore. woo.
21:32 <caseorganic> yeah
21:32 <caseorganic> lo
21:32 <caseorganic> l
21:32 <caseorganic> it's okay - he looks better on the android screen that way
21:32 <caseorganic> twitter is totlly down, irc ftw
21:32 <donpdonp> the new Rwar icon is checked in.
21:32 <donpdonp> it looks good on my phone
21:32 <aaronpk_> YAY!!!!
21:33 <donpdonp> i *love* it when twitter is down. the best possible movitvation for an open-stack microblog.
21:33 <aaronpk_> yea totally
21:33 <aaronpk_> except there is no place to talk about that when twitter is down
21:33 <donpdonp> heh. buzz!
21:34 <donpdonp> its built on open protocols.
21:34 <donpdonp> i cant tell if twitter is down or my connection sucks
21:34 <aaronpk_> no it's totally down
21:34 <donpdonp> sweeeet
21:34 <aaronpk_> :(
21:34 <donpdonp> irc never goes down
21:34 <aaronpk_> how does that work?
21:35 <donpdonp> what buzz?
21:35 <aaronpk_> irc not ever going down
21:35 <aaronpk_> i guess it doesn't log anything so the requirements are much less
21:35 <donpdonp> there are enough servers that there is always something to connect to
21:35 <donpdonp> and yeah the irc servers themselves are simpler
21:36 <donpdonp> the various ircd's would probably fall over too if one cluster of computers had to handle all the irc for the whole world
21:37 <aaronpk_> i guess I thought twitter would have been more distributed by now
21:39 <donpdonp> want to take a walk and get some $1 whiffies sweet tea?
21:39 <donpdonp> oh never mind, Monday
21:39 <aaronpk_> actually we're at nopoconi
21:39 <donpdonp> ORLY
21:39 <donpdonp> how is it
21:39 <aaronpk_> much smaller than usual
21:39 <aaronpk_> everyone fits at one row of tables
21:39 <donpdonp> ah. i had dinner with @manimal instead
21:39 <aaronpk_> cool
21:40 <caseorganic> NYSE (nice)
21:40 <donpdonp> NASDAQ (great)
21:41 <donpdonp> nopoconi is outside of my available effort bubble for tonight
21:41 <donpdonp> otherwise i would ride over
21:41 <donpdonp> android doesnt have any sliders!
21:41 <donpdonp> or i would have put them in
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21:46 <_aaronpk1> no...sliders...?
21:47 <_aaronpk1> *gasp*
21:50 <donpdonp> twitter.com: The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.
21:50 <aaronpk_> ouch
21:50 <donpdonp> hey maybe its not my connection.
21:50 <aaronpk_> that's progress i guess
21:51 <donpdonp> verso: I am being denied at every turn. Anyone else having trouble with @comcast tonight in Portland?
21:51 <aaronpk_> hm
21:51 <aaronpk_> but i see a fail whale
21:51 <donpdonp> er not my wifi. maybe comcast is sucking
21:51 <aaronpk_> oh
21:51 <donpdonp> regarding my slowness in general
21:51 <donpdonp> hey i see the failwhale too. wheee
21:51 <donpdonp> probably worldcup 2010
21:52 <aaronpk_> does speedtest.net work from lynx?
21:52 <donpdonp> ha! i seriously doubt it
21:53 <aaronpk_> my comcast is fine
21:53 <aaronpk_> 4 megs/sec
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21:53 <aaronpk_> wb caseorganic
21:53 <caseorganic> wb?
21:53 <aaronpk_> welcome back
21:53 <donpdonp> it might not be throughut thats the problem
21:54 <caseorganic> THANKS!
21:54 <Loqi> o rly?
21:54 <aaronpk_> just pulled down a 100mb file in 41 seconds o.O
21:54 <donpdonp> throughput
21:54 <donpdonp> woo!
22:03 <caseorganic> no WAY!
22:06 <donpdonp> i need some focus
22:07 <donpdonp> in liquid or solid form
22:07 <aaronpk_> LIQUID FOCUS
22:07 <Loqi> Loqi loves caps
22:36 <maxticket> Do we have a super jQuery guru master superhero on the team?
22:36 <aaronpk_> oo pick me
22:37 <maxticket> Or at least someone who's pretty decent at jQuery?
22:37 <maxticket> Is that a yes?
22:38 <aaronpk_> yea i use jquery
22:38 <maxticket> Cool, because I think the way I'm mocking this up, it's gonna need a good amount of it.
22:38 <aaronpk_> lol