Google API 2.2 & location service
  • Using GeoLoqi android SDK I have been trying to test C2DM (i.e. receiving a message when user enters in geo-fence) without any success.
    When I use Android 2.2 (Level 8), after changing tracking profile to 'Logging' and change GPS coordinate using telnet geo fix, it does update the Current Location but when I am trying to do the same Google API 2.2 or newer it doesn't work and Location doesn't change no matter what I do.. 
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  • Hey there, I'm not sure why the location would not update on an emulator running Google API 2.2 or newer. I can do some investigating. Have you tried this on a real device? Some version of the Android emulator (2.3 specifically) have some issues with properly running the location manager.
  • Thanks for your reply, no I don't access to real device till monday but I will let you know once I deploy and test. Between by any chance do you guys have any quick start guide or something to work with geoloqi & C2DM?
  • Can you describe in a little more detail what you're trying to do? Knowing your goals would help me give you the best advice. Are you simply trying to leave a geonote for a device?
  • Yeah actually I am trying to the test the geo-fencing so that anyone who has our application installed on his device and when enters in any of geo-fence, he/she receives a message/alert/offer.
  • an update: i tried SDK on real device (samsung galaxy y) and except Real Time tracking option, rest is working fine. But I am still struggling to get push notifications
  • The C2DM notifications are actually not fully implemented in the Android SDK yet. The device will register for a C2DM token and send it to the Geoloqi server, but we still need to update the server to send a C2D message back to the device. So if you're trying to implement the C2DM receiver you might have some issues.

    However, you should still be able to get SMS push notifications until C2DM is fully implemented. Are you using the geonote/create API endpoint? Or are you manually creating triggers?
  • i tried creating geo note using sample application geoloqi has on android market and also by creating layer, place and trigger using api console but still I don't receive any notification.
  • In order to get geonotes from the current Android app, you need to have a cell phone number on your account. You can add a phone number here:

    You should get the geonote via SMS.

  • I see, between when do you think you guys can have full support for Android push notifications, I mean C2DM? Because we are particularly interested in location based marketing
  • We're working on building out the remaining C2DM services this week. They should be available in the Android SDK soon.
  • Update: We just got Android push notifications working today. Still need to clean up the API a bit on the client side, but it should be available soon!

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