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  • Hey folks, new to the forums but a relatively experienced titanium developer interested in the opportunities that Geoloqi presents.

    My questions is to do with the offline use of Geoloqi's features.  I would like to build a set of apps geared towards tourists who are traveling without a data plan. 

    Can anybody suggest a few bullet points as to how I can implement such a task?  Data could be downloaded periodically via wifi, but the notifications would need to appear while they were actually walking and offline.

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  • Hello wisepilgrim,

    Since our platform is designed to handle event triggering via the service, you would not be able to trigger Geoloqi events without an internet connection. On iOS, you can use CLLocationManager to set up region monitoring and then fire local notifications. On android, I believe you would have to implement your own device-local region monitoring solution.

    Something you could try on iOS:

    • create a Geoloqi layer with your places and triggers
    • use Geoloqi SDK on device (1) to get a list of triggers
    • CLLocationManager#startMonitoringForRegion on each trigger's place
    • implement didEnterRegion in your CLLocationManagerDelegate to pop a UILocalNotification

    1. you can technically use any http client, but the Geoloqi SDK makes authentication and calls easy

    note: this form of offline trigger implementation would lose all features of our trigger service, basically just using the layer API (and the visual trigger editor) for storing place and trigger metadata.

    Hope the helps!


    Kenichi Nakamura
    Lead Developer (iOS, platform)
    Esri R&D Center, Portland

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