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    One of the issues I have encountered is how to alert users already inside a trigger radius to an event happening nearby. I have tried to use the message/broadcast but can't get that to work, and have resorted to using layer/users, looping through the returned places to find the place I want to send to, then sending using message/send to each user located in the place. 

    I cannot imagine I am alone in needing such functionality as I would think it would be a required feature for any first responder or emergency type application. For example, say there was a campus bomb threat (we had over 100 in two months at Pitt last spring). It would be helpful to have the trigger set on enter around the area, but also to notify those already inside the trigger radius. i.e. don't enter if you are coming, and leave if you are already here.  

    It would be awesome if there were a property in the Trigger/Create call to send alerts to those already inside an area. This way I could simply set the trigger type (enter/exit), set my place or lat/lon, radius, and sendInsideMessages: true. This could eliminate the need for an additional coded API call on the developer's end.

    Just a thought.
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  • This is a great suggestion for a new parameter to trigger/create! However, we don't have the bandwidth currently to add new functionality like this to the API. Your workaround is a reasonable approach so I'm glad you got that to work.

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