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  • one question about /place/create api
    It seems I am unable to append extra parameters to a place


    place_response = "place/create", :name => "#{}-#{rand 10000}",

          :latitude => 45,

          :longitude => 45,

          :radius => 20,

          :layer_id => params[:layer_id],

          :extra => {

              :active => 1

              :points => (params[:post] || 10), 

              :text => "haha"


    the extra parameters are missing from response

    ["place_id", "1nV1"]["name", "1324390785-2820"]["latitude", 45]["longitude", 45]["radius", 20]["display_name", "1324390785-2820"]["time_from", "00:00:00"]["time_to", "00:00:00"]["active", 1]["description", ""]["visits", 0]

  • Thanks for pointing this out! We just made an internal change to the way we store the "extra" parameters which temporarily prevented new records from being inserted. It has since started working again so you should have no problems with it now. Thanks!

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