What's the bug on the web?! And why am I not receiving notifications?
  • Hi, 
    I was testing the service for my future project using web for creating layer and ios app to track

    1. Look at the screenshots I've attached. I was trying to make a layer to see how the service works. And I've found a strange behavior.
    2. What settings should be turned on in the iPhone App so that it will send me notifications? I'm only getting it sometimes.

    It's really interesting platform and I would like to use it in future but I doubt that it's working all right.

    Thank you beforehand!

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  • pasxa,

    Thanks for the awesome screenshots! I was trying to fix this last week and couldn't reproduce the bug. Its fixed now.

    To get messages on your iPhone you just need to make sure you are sure to are subscribed to the layer. Just go to http://geoloqi.com/layers and click the subscribe button next your layer. Then when you log into Geoloqi on your phone you should get the messages.
  • Thanx for fixing it so quick! It's really very cool feature!

    Of course I'm subscribed and having my layer active on my iPhone. The issue is that it reacts only to certain points and ignores the rest of them. Does it depend on the battery or realtime mode? And today it sends notifications twice, and again only in a few radiuses ignoring others. Radiuses are wide enough to catch my location.
  • Yes, you will get far more reliability of triggers in realtime mode, and the battery mode may only trigger certain ones depending on their size and proximity to each other. We're working on publishing some guidelines on how many you should expect to get depending on their sizes and your settings.

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