Switch tracking modes when entering geofence
  • I have a use case where I need to track users precisely only when they enter a geofence. This must work even if the application is in the background. Is there a way to hook to some event on the iOS side to execute custom code when a region is entered? This would allow me to to switch my LQTrackerProfile from Passive to Realtime. I looked at the documentation and failed to answer my own question.

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  • Hi Pascal,

    Currently we do not have the hooks on the iOS side available to do this, however this has come up a number of times as a feature request. We will be adding this feature in a future version of the SDK. Thanks!

  • Hello Aaron,

    My problem might be related with the topic poster. Anyway what we wanted to do is to switch to OFF tracking profile when app goes to background and probably use interval every minute which enable geoloqi and then disable it after coordinates are updated to server.

    Currently, we noticed that the gps icon or compass icon doesn't disappear on iPhone when app goes o background and it might be efficient to completely disable gps that running it on PASSIVE mode.


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