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  • Is there a way for gps icon to go away when app is placed on background to save battery? Currently, when app goes to background, gps icon on phone keeps on showing up. If there's a way for Geoloqi to be configured so gps is only enabled when it tries to update coordinate but gets disabled when its not updating location data to server.

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  • If it doesn't update when app in bg, notification will not alert via passive mode/ realtime mode already. Isn't it. Perhaps better way to implement like active at various intervals.
  • I think problem we are seeing right now is the compass icon doesn't disappear when app goes to background so we are assuming that its eating up battery.

    If we could enable/disable it on certain intervals, it would definitely help since.
  • You can set the profile of the iPhone SDK to "off" whenever you need which will disable location services. For example, you could set up the App Delegate's "applicationDidEnterBackground:" method to turn off location updates. You could turn them back on in the "applicationDidBecomeActive:" method.

    Please note that even if the location icon is visible, the location services may be in a "low power" mode which uses much less battery.

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