errors in Xcode when setting up in BuzzTouch 1.5 app
  • My app was created using BuzzTouch 1.5. I have errors when adding code to my Xcode project. Specifically three {'s in the appDelegate.h file

    Please advise
    screengrab_3211_19-7-12_1347 x 736.jpg
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  • It appears there are some trailing semicolons before the three highlighted parts in red. If you remove those it will probably fix it.
  • removing them just brings up errors saying they need to be reinserted (see attached)
    screengrab_3217_20-7-12_1208 x 587.jpg
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  • It looks like there are a number of other things wrong with this code. For example, the "initialize the SDK" line appears outside of any method declaration. 

    Is this file the ".h" file or the ".m" file? You won't be able to paste in methods into the ".h" file, those have to go in the ".m" file.

    I'd suggest downloading our sample iPhone app project here,, and trying to copy and paste code from it into your project matching things up when possible.
  • ah, I was placing in the .h file. Thanks, I'll download the sample project.

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