What is the use of LQTrackerProfile and difference between different tracker profiles?
  • Hi,

        I am using android sdk.I am setting tracker profile using trackerObject.setProfile(LQtrackerProfile newProfile). I am able to set off,passive,Logging tracker profiles.But what is difference between them.

        If i set logging mode then i will go to offline mode after some time i will connected to network in this case location points will updated to server.
    Please any one tell me.

    Thank you.  
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  • Our mobile SDK supports five different tracking profiles for different use-cases. I've highlighted some of their features below:

    - OFF: The tracker is off and will not request location updates or upload any data.
    - ROUGH: The tracker will request infrequent location updates, generally this data is only useful for metro-level location (city or county size), although you may occasionally get a more accurate fix. This is useful for rough location tracking, when you want to save battery.
    - ADAPTIVE/PASSIVE: The most dynamic profile, this will attempt to manage the device's battery-life for you. The goal being higher accuracy, more frequent updates when the device is near interesting places (geofences) and lower accuracy, less frequent updates when further away.
    - LOGGING: The device will request very frequent, high-accuracy updates and send them in batches to the server. This is useful when real-time updates are not needed, but you want a high-resolution trail from the user.
    - REAL-TIME: Similar to LOGGING, this profile will open a socket connection to the server and stream updates from the device in near real-time. This is for use-cases like MapAttack! when you need high-resolution real-time updates.

    If you're using LOGGING or REAL-TIME modes you will need to manage the battery-life of your device on your own. You should turn off LOGGING/REAL-TIME when you don't need it, or drop into a more battery efficient profile (like ADAPTIVE or ROUGH).
  • Ronald, all location data will be batched to the device and uploaded to the server when you have an active connection again *except* in the real-time profile. When using real-time the location data is sent immediately and discarded whether or not it was successfully sent.

    So if you're using Rough, Adaptive, or Logging the data will be batched and sent when your device reconnects to the network.
  • Hi twaddington,

         Thank you very much for replying.I will try latest android sdk.
  • Hi twaddington,
      I have another question please clarify it. My device has WiFi network not data-connection i selected either Rough or Adaptive or Logging or Realtime, location points are updated in server, okay its fine.

        I disconnected the WiFi network  and set mode either  Rough or Adaptive or Logging or Realtime,  the location points are not updated to server,okay it is also fine.After some time i connected to WiFi then old location points will update to server or not? 
     ( if network drops out and later reconnects,no data is lost this is in sdk docs )
  • Hi twaddington,

        Thank you very much for giving reply.
  • Hi twaddington,
         In my android app set to Logging when i have an active connection,yes this location data updated to server.
    After some time my my active network drops and reconnects after 5 hours.I checked in server whether location data is updated or not, when i am in inactive.No data was updated.I checked location data using python script.

    python script:

    Thank you very much.
  • You're saying you don't see the data? It may take some time after your network reconnects for it to upload the batched data. If the network connection is weak, the data may fail to upload, which means it will retry again later when your network signal is stronger.
  • Does it mean in Passive mode, i should define user's geofence other than the location coordinates so that user's can get a more accurate/timely notification ? 
  • I'm not sure what you mean by that. You can make the radius of the geofence larger to make sure it's triggered. Smaller geofences are sometimes more difficult to trigger if the user's device cannot get an accurate location fix.
  • Hi twaddington,

         i developed one app using your latest android sdk. I registered with username,i got access-token and i set tracker profile mode as ROUGH. In this scenario i got only last location but i did not get location history.Again I checked after one day,this time also i did not get location history.

    Please tell me is ROUGH mode working fine ? and How ROUGH mode works ?
    ( I am living in metro level city )

    Thank you very much.
  • The ROUGH profile depends on the network location, so you must have a mobile network or wifi signal to receive any location fixes. It provides city or metro level location fixes, however you may occasionally get more accurate fixes if other applications are using the GPS. If you don't move around a lot you might only receive a single fix. This is because the device won't provide new location fixes to the Geoloqi SDK if it hasn't moved beyond a large radius. You should use ROUGH mode if you want high battery savings, but only need to know if the user is moving into or out of a city or metro sized region.
  • Hi twaddington,

     Thank You Very much for replying.
  • Hi twaddington,

        I set tracker profile mode as ADAPTIVE,location fixes are updated up-to ten minutes only.After i did not any updates in server.I am in activity connection,here no network drops.

    Please tell me why this happens to me.
  • The ADAPTIVE profile will only send location fixes if you are moving around and near points of interest (geofences). If you're not moving around much or not near a geofence the device will ratchet down the GPS and stop sending location fixes. If you need more up to date location information use the LOGGING or REALTIME profiles.
  • Hi Twaddington

    I'm jumping on the end of this one, just to clarify something, if you'd be so kind.

    You mentioned above that we have to manage the battery ourselves if using LOGGING or REALTIME, does turning it on/off frequently require a 'startup' time for the coords to begin being logged again? 

    I'm using the iPhone SDK with Titanium.

    Is there any way to create a CUSTOM profile as with the geoloqi app that allows us to keep tracking on but specifiy the frequency and tracking limit etc?  If not, is there a plan to introduce this in upcoming releases?

    What are you suggestions for conserving battery?  I require accurate data, though not specifically in realtime, so I'm using LOGGING mode, though when running full-time it still drains the battery after 6 or so hours.

    Thanks for your help.

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