Token expires beore I can use it
  • Hello,

    As part of my web app I'll run a cron job that will get my last position at regular intervals. To achieve this I use the PHP SDK to send my username and password to oauth/token and it gets an access token back.

    I then use the $geoloqi->getAuthWithCode together with the access token just given to authenticate and then I want to use position/last to load my last position. The only problem is that I get the following error:

    [error] => expired_token
    [error_description] => The auth code expired

    Now. How can that be? The token is under one millisecond old as I just got it. To me this does not make any sense what so ever.

    Any thought on why this is happening, how to solve it or another way of doing what I'm trying to do would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks,
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