KML and GPX outputs for location history
  • Hi there

    I am trying to access our user location history in gpx and kml format. As per the API document (, you append the file extension to the end of the path.

    If I add "location/history.kml?user_id=***" then the page loads blank, but if I use "location/history.json?user_id=***" then the default json response is returned.

    Has anyone generated the kml or gpx files succesfully?


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  • This doesn't work using the API console either - only history.json requests are returned successfully.

    Any idea when this will be available again?

  • You probably won't get a valid response from the API console or any of the client libraries when exporting data in KML or GPX format, since those always expect JSON.

    However, a cURL example on the command line should work fine, or doing a form post from the browser. In my quick tests just now I was able to get the same data in the response from the .json, .kml and .gpx extensions.
  • i'm actually having the same problems.

    i'm using php library and am via a GET appending .kml to the path as such 'location/history.kml', and when watching in the debugging console, I don't even see a request being generated. though in the same script firing without the .kml, it works fine.

    what are you doing in your quick tests?
  • I was using curl from the command line and am able to get data that way. You can also use curl from php and it will wok the same. It's just a problem with the php SDK not recognizing the other formats.
  • thanks, yeah i realised that the php library is doing a json_decode of the response, even when the output is not in json format. removed that and am back in action. cheers
  • Cool i also got with method excutelowlevel

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