geoloqi device/iOS support
  • is Geoloqi usin the "new" improved region monitoring is iOS 5? the 4.x performance was very poor, still if the app supports those devices, there is a working alternative.What device and iOS versions are supported?Is geology using Location Background Mode?
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  • Yes, Geoloqi uses region monitoring internally. The SDK manages registering the appropriate regions based on the content the user is subscribed to. It uses a hybrid of region monitoring as well as standard CLLocation updates to run in the background. The SDK should work back to iOS 4.2, although the performance will naturally be better on newer devices and version of iOS.
  • great! thanks.

    would this work for a big [1000's] set of fence data?

  • The iOS library is limited in the number of regions it supports internally. We can support more geofences by using a hybrid of standard updates and region monitoring. Our example wikipedia layer with thousands of articles all over the world works just fine.

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