Invalid Client Credentials
  • Hi -

    So I downloaded and installed the Sample iPhone app, updated the LQConfig.h file, and successfully ran the app on my phone. 

    I also downloaded the Geoloqi SDK PHP library and used the demo_oauth.php demo as the basis of my web application and added the "user/list (GET)" API call. However, I got the following error:

    "Response for GET user/list:
    stdClass Object ( [error] => invalid_client_credentials )"

    Can anyone explain why this may be happening, even though my phone should be considered a "user" because it installed the app. 
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  • Got any response on this?
  • The user/list method requires your application's client ID and secret to be included in the request. Make sure you've put the client ID and secret in your PHP code as well.
  • Hey guys,

    I'm confused on the parameters. Can you tell me
    what parameter names i have to add for client ID and secret in API Console?

    I got that i need to add these two parameters in api call but, what parameters?

    Thanks in advance.
  • If you encounter this error on the Console while accessing "user/list"

    error_code": "400 Bad Request",
    error": "invalid_client",
    error_description": "No client credentials provided, or invalid client"

    Then it's better you select
    POST instead of GET and that should work.

    the parameter that you need to use is

    client_id and

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