Trigger push notification debugging
  • Is there a possible way to determine the status of push notification message if it was sent properly or an error occurred?

    Currently, when calling trigger/run/:id api, it returns correct message but message is not received on phone so we don't know whether the problem is on Geoloqi or Apple.

    Returned response looks like this:

    {"message":"Welcome to Powells Books","type":"message","result":"queued"}

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  • I believe I have resolved the issues with development push notifications. I mentioned in the other thread, but I wanted to reply to this because it's a good question.

    Unfortunately APNS doesn't give very useful information about whether a message was sent successfully or not. There is a way to do click confirm with push, the same way that emails can be marked as read by clicking on a link with a unique identifier.

    Once the message hits APNS, we receive no information afterwards, unless there was an error (such as a bad token or a similar issue). The error can be something such as "invalid device token". We could store these error messages on the record in the database, and provide a mechanism to return them. Again, they only check for errors related to the data sent, so they don't provide information on whether a message was successful, but they could still be useful.

    I will add this functionality to our feature request list, so that it will be available to developers on our new platform code. Thanks for inquiring!

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