Subsribing to People who check-in
  • HI Geoloqi community and support. We are currently developing a plattform with 2 different types of users.
    First type of users will have a special status. The 2nd type of users can subscribe to them like fans. They get then status updates and news from the first type of users they did subscribe.
    When they check-in at a location this should be broadcastes to their fans. The fans can choose which type of notifcations they want to get:

    • all users of the first group
    • or the users they are following
    • which are within 10, 20, 50, 100, ... km
    • all

    So how would you do this with Geoloqi? With groups or layers? And the stars left notes? Can anyone provide me an example for it?
    Or any other suggestions? Would be highly appreciated. I think that we also would have to subsribce to the Triceratops or Tyrannosaurus plan.
    So a hint or suggestion by the suppport of Geoloqi would be highly appreciated. We would also use the Titanium module

    Thanks a lot,
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  • Hi marco,

    I had a lot of fun coming up with an answer to this question.

    You would definitely want to use the groups api. I am thinking it would work something like this...

    1. Associate each of your users with "Special Status" has a group which is comprised of their followers.
    2. When a "Special Status" user checks in it kicks off an action on your server which will determine who to send messages to. (the special user doesn't have to be part of the group)
    3. The server would call group/locations to get the last known location of all members in the group. you can then calculate the distance of each user in the group to the special user (you can get that users location with location/last).
    4. Once you know the distance of all that users followers to the special user you can use group/message to send the message to subsets of users in the group. (Check out the `push` parmeter)
    5. For followers who want all update from all special users, you could make a group which contains all users who want all messages from all special user and message the whole group using group/message

    Here is a helpful gists for calculating distances in javascript remember the Earth is a sphere not flat so some special math is required.

    I would really recommend reading through the groups, user and messages apis, to get a good understanding of them. You might also want to check out which give you an overview of how you can store custom data in the Geoloqi database.

    If you have any more questions feel free to ask,


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