Error on Geoloqi website when loading p12 certificate

  • I am attempting to configure Apple push notifications for my Geoloqi app on the Geoloqi website by uploading p12 development and live certificates. Unfortunately, when I click 'update' the website keeps informing me that 'There was a problem editing your application. Please check below.' It also however 'hides' the Configure Apple push notifications area. This means that no error message is displayed. I know the P12 certificate for my app works as I've used it for Urban Airship with no problems. I have also attempted this process on Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer, hoping that the website might offer an error message for at least one of these browsers. Any help offered with this situation would be much appreciated.

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  • Thanks, we just fixed the issue where the error message was not displayed. We also added password fields so if you exported your certificate with a password, you'll need to enter it there. 

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