iPhone app: what do the tracking mode settings do?
  • Are the iPhone Tracking Mode settings (available via the Settings app, under Geoloqi/Presets) documented anywhere? I don't understand what and when the app chooses to log, particularly in Battery mode. No matter what settings I try, I can't get the Battery Saver mode to log more than a few points an hour; when driving around San Francisco that's at best a fix every kilometer.

    The best docs I've found so far are Tracking Profiles - iOS SDK. Also this discussion contains some information. Here are the current available settings:
    • Battery Saver: Distance Filter
    • Battery Saver: Tracking Limit
    • Battery Saver: Rate Limit
    • High Resolution: Distance Filter
    • High Resolution: Tracking Limit
    • Custom: Rate Limit (in Geoloqi, not Settings.app)
    Judging by the docs I've found, Distance Filter and Tracking Limit are maximums on location sampling Ie: Battery Saver will never log more often than every X meters or Y seconds. Are the minimums documented anywhere? Rate Limit seems to be entirely about how often the app syncs data to the server and does not alter the frequency of location sampling.

    What I really want is for my phone to track me at high resolution when in motion and at low resolution when stationary. And for this to magically not take too much battery. I'd hoped Battery mode would do that, but it seems to never have a high resolution mode. Custom mode is closer, but it drains the battery and seems to (sometimes) log a lot of points even when I'm stationary.

    PS: I'm very impressed with Geoloqi. The REST API is great and the mobile device SDK looks really useful.  --Nelson Minar

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