Sending a message (message.send) - how to add sms-only device?
  • I'm skipping through the documentation and see that message.send will cause an sms to be sent to a device if it's not an iPhone. A device must have been previously added for an app for send to be possible. I can't see how to add a device with it's phone number - surely needed to be able to send sms. How is this done?

    Thanks in advance
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  • Good question! This is not well documented, but you can use the 'account/profile' endpoint to update an existing user's account with a phone number. Alternatively, you can also provide the phone number to 'user/create' when creating a new user account. In both cases the parameter (key) you'll need to set is called 'phone'.
  • Thanks for the tip - the extra parameter for user/create sounds perfect :-)

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