TRIGGER/CREATE is not working
  • Hi Aaron,
            My Main Objective is to run TRIGGER/CREATE through your Run console and to get
     message.I have saved LQSession and Logged in through registered Username and password Through Sample Iphone Development Application

    1)I created Layer successfully,but  i set the region through that Layer using map and have given trigger message through Map using When I reach the Region through youe sample development Application,It is not triggered the Message I set in Layer.How can I Enable the layer in The sample Iphone Development Application?

    2)I ran as follows in console(when  i reach the the region which I have mentioned in Layer id).

           type = message

           layer_id =  PJ6

           text  = test

           url = 

           trigger_on  = enter

           one_time   =  0

           trigger_after = 3

    The Result is as follows:

    x-queries-master: 5

    x-queries-slave: 1


      "result": "ok"


    But I could not get trigger  message ? Can you help please?

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