Trigger/Create API is not working?
  • Hi Aaronpk,

      1)  I could set trigger message and create trigger in the Layer
    section of I could not get triggger when i reach the place which has been set
    in Layer..

    2)When I run the Trigger/Create API in your console also, I could not get
    trigger message.I have mentioned correclty Layer ID inwhich I have
    added places correclty.When I go that places,The message I have mentioned in console is not coming..The request is as

           type = message
           layer_id =  PJ6
           text  = test
           url = 
           trigger_on  = enter
           one_time   =  0
           trigger_after = 3

    3)but trigger/run/:id works fine.

    Can you please check whether that Trigger/Create API is working fine or not?

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