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  • Can you please elaborate on the difference between public and private layers? I'm trying to create layers that I can subscribe the user's of my application to but need it to be private to external users. Right now if I create a private layer with my application token, I can't subscribe my users to it, but with public layer I can...

    Will appreciate your response.
  • A private layer will only be visible to the user who created it. In order to do what you're talking about, you will need to mark the layer "public". Note that it will not show up in the Geoloqi app or on the website even if marked public.
  • How can another user access a layer I create? I would like to create a Walking Tour layer for local historical sites. I see how to create a layer and make it public, but how can other users, who might want to take the walking tour, subscribe to the layer? 
  • I should have mentioned I'm using geonotes and am not a developer using the api
  • Once your layer is finished, we can mark it "featured" so that it will show up in the Geonotes app near a specific area. Please send us an email to support @ when your layer is ready, and we can discuss further. Thanks!
  • Thanks, I'll do that. Further: I've noticed there is a limit to the amount of text that can be included in a message related to each place in a layer. what is the actual limit in words or characters? Is there any way around this limit?
  • Unfortunately there is no way around the limit as it's enforced by Apple's push notification service. The maximum length for a message is 256 bytes, but that includes all the metadata for the message such as which sound to play and badge numbers as well as the JSON encoding characters. The Geoloqi API automatically trims down the message to fit inside this limit.

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