Can't seem to get "other" nearby places to show up
  • In a test script, using the php sdk, I'm creating a layer, adding 2 places which are about 5 blocks from one another, then running places/nearby on the location of one of those 2 places.  The response only seems to contain the record at the location I specified in the nearby query, but not the other, no matter how high I set the distance.

    Here are the requests - via your app debugger page - all with a Response Code of 200:

    layer/create: {"name":"users","description":"Users","public":0}

    Response: {"layer_id":"E5k"}

    place/create: {"latitude":40.7024,"longitude":-73.9419,"layer_id":"E5k","name":"test-1","extra":{"user_id":1}}

    Response: {"place_id":"1zCB","name":"test-1","latitude":40.7024,"longitude":-73.9419,"radius":0,"display_name":"test-1","time_from":"00:00:00","time_to":"00:00:00","active":1,"extra":{"user_id":1},"description":""}

    place/create: {"latitude":40.6995,"longitude":-73.9395,"layer_id":"E5k","name":"test-2","extra":{"user_id":2}}

    Response: {"place_id":"1zCC","name":"test-2","latitude":40.6995,"longitude":-73.9395,"radius":0,"display_name":"test-2","time_from":"00:00:00","time_to":"00:00:00","active":1,"extra":{"user_id":2},"description":""}

    place/nearby: {"latitude":40.6995,"longitude":-73.9395,"layer_id":"E5k","distance":100}

    Response: {"nearby":[{"place_id":"1zCC","name":"test-2","latitude":40.6995,"longitude":-73.9395,"radius":0,"display_name":"test-2","time_from":"00:00:00","time_to":"00:00:00","active":1,"extra":{"user_id":2},"description":""}],"paging":{"limit":25,"total":1}}

    After creating the layers, I ran a layer/list to make sure the layer showed up.  After creating the places, I ran a place/list to make sure they showed up properly with all the correct data as well.

    Here is where the two test locations are on a map:
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  • Thanks for the detailed examples. I ran through your input data on my end. It looks like I can retrieve both places using place/nearby when the radius is 390. It looks like the two points are 381m apart from each other.
  • Weird.  That's spot on.  I just ran my script again with the distance as 390 and then again with distance 1000 (which was my original distance before this test) and it worked perfectly.  I know my sample above shows as 100.  I should have shown the results when I ran it at 1000 (which were the same).

    Regardless, it's working, I'm happy.  Thanks so much for your time.

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