iphone app running problem
  • 1)The sample iphone Development application uses anonymous user name.I registeredpush notification successfully through it.When  I give trip messages through my registered username and password,Will sample application give alert through anonymous Username(it is not giving when i check)?

    2)LQTracker API will send automatically location data to Geoloqi server when we set passive mode and will be didReceiveRemoteNotification method invoked automatically  or I have to declare any  CLLOcation Manager's didEnterRegion method manually?

    3)when I  run sample development application,it shows error in console. [LQTracker locationManager:didUpdateToLocation:fromLocation:] (LQTracker.m:492) Location update ignored.
    4)I gave my  p12 certificate without password in application creation for getting API key (which was exported without password).

    5)when I enter in region which has been mention in trip map, which delegate method I have to use to ensure(through NSLog) that region has been reached.(There is no need push notication in this). 
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  • 1) If you set up the notifications on your account with your username and password, you'll need to log in to the same account on the sample iPhone app. You can do this with the requestSessionWithUsername:password: method.

    2) You won't need to use any of the CLLocationManager or iPhone push methods directly if you are using the SDK. 

    3) This is not an error, this is some debugging logs from the SDK.

    4) Correct.

    5) The phone will not be notified when the region is entered. Instead, a push notification will be sent to the phone. If you configured the trigger as a callback URL, the Geoloqi API will send a POST request to the URL you configured.

    I hope this helps answer your questions!

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