cannot get location services to turn off unless forcing off in Settings/Loc Services page
  • i have the arrow in my status bar even if the application has been quit from my dock on the iPhone 4S. The only way I can remove it is to revoke the location services privileges from the 'settings/loc services' page. I have other GPS applications and other tracking applications and they all successfully release the location services once I quit the application. This is definitely a bug. please fix as this will run down people's batteries.
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  • by the way – I just downloaded your program after seeing the map thing the dev made on Gizmodo. I am kind of bummed to see that this bug exists and could potentially run down my battery unless I force it to quit using the location services page in my settings on my iphone 4s running iOS 5.1.
  • There is a switch in the "Settings" tab in the app that will disable location services for the app. With Apple's update which allows apps to record location in the background, quitting the app no longer stops location services for the app. We provide this switch in case you want to completely disable location services for the app. Please note that in "Battery" mode, the app will not request GPS updates and should not have a significant effect on battery life. Thanks!
  • But the symbol is showing up even the app is on battery mode. → Uninstall of geologi solved the issue !
  • This is normal, the location services icon will appear when the app is in battery mode. Apple does not distinguish between what kind of location updates are requested by the apps, they will always show the icon if any app is requesting location. 

    If you would like to stop Geoloqi from monitoring your location you can go to the "Settings" tab in the app and turn on the switch called "Disable Location". The icon should disappear after you return to the home screen. 

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