Can I export all my location data?
  • Yes! You can use our API to download all your GPS data. 

    The way this works is to download your history in batches of about 1,000 to 10,000 points.

    Here are the parameters you'll need to set. You can find the full API documentation here:
    • count = 1000 or 10000. Try both and see which you like better.
    • accuracy = 10000. This will include the extremely rough cell tower updates that come in at about 1500m accuracy.
    • ignore_gaps = 1. This will prevent the API from returning only the latest trip it finds, and will instead return all data even if there are large gaps in time
    • after = 0000000000, or the first date you have recorded data
    When you run that you will get a large JSON document with the keys pointsdistancetimerange and bounds. The location data is in the points array. To continue fetching data, use the value in timerange.to_ts as the value for "after" in the next API call.

    Eventually you will end up iterating to the current time and you'll get an empty array for "points". 

    You can see some short code examples and you can get a permanent access token on the Getting Started page.

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