iOS geotracking
  • Hi,
    I'm developing an app that has to compare its own position to the position of other device in an aleatory moment, depending on the distance between them the app has to do something or not. In the Android version, the position of the device is sent to the app, using a push notification, the app calculates the distance between the smartphone and the received one and if it has to do something show a concrete screen of the app. In the case of iOS, I haven't found a way to send a push notification to the app without the interaction of the user, so the solution I have think of is to send the position of the smartphone to a server and calculate the distance there, if the distance between them says that we have to do something then send a push notification to the iPhone. For that it is important to make a good geotracking of the iOS device, even in background. Can I make this with geoloqi? I have been reading the web page and it seems that nowdays we can't use it to do geotracking in iOS... am i right? can anyone suggest a way to go ahead with the task i am explaining?


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