iOS Devices not getting Push even after success from API console
  • The message/send POST call from API console sends the push successfully but the iOS app is not able to receive it,
    this was working for us 2 weeks back.

    The code used to register push :

    [LQSession setAPIKey:@"d0ce2db5956fdadd0f757bd11221fdf6"];

        if([LQSession savedSession]) {

            [LQTracker sharedTracker];

            [LQSession registerForPushNotificationsWithCallback:NULL];

            NSLog(@"Saved GEOLOQI User ID %@",[[LQSession savedSession] userID]);

        } else {

            [LQSession createAnonymousUserAccountWithUserInfo:nil completion:^(LQSession *session, NSError *error) {

                if(error) {

                    NSLog(@"ERROR: Failed to create account: %@", error);

                } else {

                    [LQSession setSavedSession:session];

                    NSLog(@"User ID %@",[session userID]);

                    [LQSession registerForPushNotificationsWithCallback:^(NSData *deviceToken, NSError *error) {


                            NSLog(@"Failed to register for push tokens: %@", error);

                        } else {

                            NSLog(@"Got a push token! %@", deviceToken);

                            NSLog(@"GEOLOQI User ID %@",[session userID]);



                    // Start tracking

                    [[LQTracker sharedTracker] setProfile:LQTrackerProfileAdaptive];




        // Tell the SDK the app finished launching so it can properly handle push notifications, etc

        [LQSession application:application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:launchOptions];

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