Titanium Android Module
  • Hi I am using the titanium android module version 1.0. I am connecting to geoLoqi and subscribing the device to the layer i have for that app which contains two triggers.  I have also enabled mock locations to test this out.
    Now when i compile on the device, the init and subscribe work perfectly but i never recieve any push notification.
    When using the DDMS it is giving me the follow error upon quiting the app

    04-08 17:33:21.360: E/ActivityThread(4197): Activity com.webitstudios.mobileapp.WebitMobileActivity has leaked ServiceConnection ti.geoloqi.GeoloqiModule$1@410da6d8 that was originally bound here

    when i use the debuging console on Geoloqi i see that it is connectig as well and that the subscribtions is shown as true.

    am i missing something? 

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