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    On Android, is there any way to open the app automatically after the user taps on the received push notification message?

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  • The Geoloqi SDK doesn't handle that by default because we don't know what activity you want to open when a notification is tapped.

    You can implement this functionality yourself by disabling the default notification handler by calling LQSharedPreferences.disablePushNotificationHandling(context) and writing your own receiver to handle the LQBroadcastReceived.ACTION_PUSH_MESSAGE_RECEIVED intent. You'll have to register the receiver dynamically in your service or activity, or you can add it to your AndroidManifest.xml
  • Hi, thank you! 
    Do you have any example of how to do this? I don't know how to begin.

  • If anyone still needs an example of this please comment here.  Just wrote one successfully.

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