Batch place create with "geocode" and "radius" set... incorrect radius
  • Hi,

    When using the API creating places in batches with geocode set to an address and radius set to 100. The radius that has actually been set in geoloqi isn't 100. Some of the radiuses are even as large as around 6500m, which gives us a lot of false positives. Was this caused by some changes in your API and how do we fix this?

    Also we have one batch left that needs to be created in Geoloqi and geocoded by Esri but the connection of the API call keeps getting closed unexpectedly by the server. I think this happens for 1 user of the application specifically. Any idea why?


    (At the moment we are updating all the places (in batch) for all the users of our application to a radius of 100, which seems to be working. But I have no idea what this is doing in your backend. Of course this isn't a solution to the problem.)

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