Some Geo fencing messages not getting triggered in Android.
  • I signed up for a free account with Geo Loqi , downloaded the GEONOTES app on Android.

    Also once i signed up for a new account online, i logged int o my account on the web and created a new Test Layer and added geo fences to that layer. TO test this , i started driving through these geo fences with my GEONOTES APP runnign with GPS and Google Location Services Turned ON, it sent me some messages for ENTRY and EXIT messages, just for one .

    I did not get any messages for any of the other geo fences, even though i did a refresh on my mobile device, even signed out and signed in...still nothing...

    any ideas thoughts on what might be wrong here? Here is the approximate radius i set for all the visually created geo fences


     322 meters 

    360 meters

     237 meters 

    100 meters 

    195 meters 

    193 meters

     189 meters

    is this a latency issue ?.. I am sure that i have not crossed the 100 limit for FREE Account , since i just started using it.. Then what could be wrong here.?

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