"error_description": "The place with key \\"82\\" was not found"
  • I am getting this when I try to create a trigger with a place_key. 

    Here is the Array that is sent with the triggers/create/

    "key": "82",
    "place_name": "Administrator-20",
    "place_layer_id": "4JMc",
    "place_key": "82",
    "type": "message",
    "latitude": "",
    "longitude": "",
    "radius": "20",
    "text": "kkkkkkkk",
    "date_to": "",
    "time_to": "",
    "date_from": "",
    "time_from": "",
    "trigger_on": "enter",
    "trigger_after": 15,
    "extra": {
    "triggertype": "coupon",
    "promocode": null,
    "node": null
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  • Nevermind....Just saw the problem! Lat and Long are missing!

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