message/send working only in Dev mode
  • Hi,

    I'm trying to use message/send to test by push notification on iOS.
    I'm receiving the push on LQPushNotificationModeDev mode, but not on LQPushNotificationModeLive mode.

    What I changed to use Live mode:

    - I set LQPushNotificationModeLive inside the didRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWithDeviceToken method.
    - Using an AdHoc Distribution Provisioning Profile.
    - Production push certificate of the same Bundle ID was uploaded to the Geoloqi portal, inside my app settings.

    Am I missing anything?

    This is the parameters I'm sending on message/send:
    user_id: 2PfV
    layer_id: 4Lk2
    text: test

    Maybe the problem is that my device was already subscribed to this layer on Dev mode?
    How can I be sure that it's working on production?


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  • Unfortunately the only way your app can receive a notification in "production" mode is once it's published in the app store. There isn't a way to get a production token unless your app is signed with the app store certificate.
  • so does that mean adhoc should be using "dev" instead of "live"?
  • The only thing that should use "live" is when you're signing the app with an app store certificate. Push notifications for AdHoc distribution should be in "dev" mode.
  • My experience shows that what the original asker wants is what works... Signing an adhoc project with LQPushNotificationModeDev does not work, and signing with LQPushNotificationModeLive does. 

  • Anyone figure out how to get push to work on adhoc? Works fine on development profile but not for adhoc. I've tried LQPushNotificationModeLive and LQPushNotificationModeDev for adhoc and neither work. 

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