message/send not working
  • Hi,

    When I use message/send on the console with these parameters:

    text: test
    layer_id: 4Lk2
    user_id: 2PJy

    I receive the following return:

    result": "ok",
    devices": 2,
    user": "udbef124748e595349dc40fba9bbd7f15",
    user_id": "2PJy"

    but no push is received by the device. However, if I use message/broadcast to the same layer_id, the device receive the notification.

    What may be wrong?


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  • Everything looks correct from here, it may have been a momentary glitch. Would you please try again and let me know if the problem is consistent?
  • Hi,

    Didn't work yet. It was working before yesterday. 
    I'm using the iOS SDK.

    What steps are needed from user perpective to receive the push sent by message/send? My user is already subscribed to this layer. Also, I assume the push certificate is correct, because the message/broadcast works.

    Could be "devices: 2" that is returned from the from message/send? It's weird to me...

  • Hi,

    I had to login with this user, unsubscribe from the layer (2 times) and then subscribe again. It worked.
    Seems that some bug occurred...


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