Need api help for geoloqi - get users between two locations
  • Everyone,

    I am new to geoloqi platform.
    My client want an iPhone app developed based on geoloqi.

    I have already downloaded some iOS samples from github which shows some uses of api.

    The requirement is:

    a) Ability to get all user's list going from place A to place B
    b) Ability to send messages to nearby users
    c) Ability to have voice sessions with users

    Out of the above, a) is very mandatory - purpose of the app.
    I see api but can't find anything that will give me users' list based on location.

    Since this is very crucial to decide whether to use geoloqi or not, I need urgent help.

    Could anyone show me the way or show an example where this is used? Most favorably an open source?

    Many thanks for reading and trying to help...

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